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Modulus Of Elasticity

Modulus Of Elasticity (2012) 31-et

31-et electric guitar (details). Duration 4:00

Genus 4

Genus 4 (2012) 31-et

Tempest Chimes (details). Duration 7:00

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet (2012)

Soprano, clarinet, bassoon, slide guitar, viola, double bass . Duration 5:00

On Martlesham Heath…


What do you get if you play the 5th, 7th and 9th harmonics in sequence on sine waves? Well if you start at 1000Hz you’ll hear a very well known BT test tone. If you play them all together you get the “lesser” chord of the Bohlen-Pierce scale. I named my electronics piece after the BT training centre in Suffolk – an iconic building housing scientists and engineers. I would like to perform it for them one day, with 12 speaker diffusion. I’m afraid I can’t post it here, because it is made of sine waves and the low ones get “compression-codec”-ed out.

Recycling Art

Big Mouth chimes

I am really pleased to announce that Suffolk Foundation have generously financed the recycling of some of the aluminium tubes from my thirty-one installation at Aldeburgh Music. The Purple Moments team have created an outdoor version of Big Mouth, the largest Waterfront Gamelan instrument we built with NACRO. The one pictured here is the prototype; the new one has less frame as it is set in concrete, and appears to float – and it sounds sweeter than the old steel tube did. It has been permanently installed in the play area at Ormiston Children’s Centre in Ipswich. Thank you Purple Moments crew – Gordon Soames, Dom Martin and Jason Catchpole.