List of works

  • Featured Performances

    The Tempest

    Thumb, conductor Dan Watson.
    Recital Hall, B'ham, UK.

    December 3rd 2012.
    "...a sea change into something rich and strange..."

  • Elemental

    Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG).
    Frontiers+ Festival, January 2010.
    Workshop performance with Dutch composer Louis Andriessen.

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Some of the pieces listed use bespoke instruments designed by Stuart Stevens. A link is provided in each case for further details. Those titles marked 31et are scored in Fokker notation and performed in 31-tone equal temperament.


Involution (2013) 31-et

Microtonal digital piano (details). Duration 4:20

Guitarra (2013) 31-et

Microtonal digital piano (details). Duration 1:50

The Tempest (2012) 31-et Tempest Part 4 (excerpt)

Flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, Tempest Chimes (details), percussion, 31-et electric guitar (details), Microtonal digital piano (details), piano, soprano, violin, viola, double bass. Duration: 20:00
Full premiere performance here

How Do I Love Thee?  (2012)

Girl’s choir, organ. Text: Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Commissioned by Phillippa Cairns & Mark Somerville for their wedding ceremony, Dec 22nd 2012, St. Anne’s Cathedral Leeds. Duration 4:30

Modulus Of Elasticity (2012) 31-et

31-et electric guitar (details). Duration 4:00

Genus 4 (2012) 31-et

Tempest Chimes (details). Duration 7:00

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet (2012)

Soprano, clarinet, bassoon, slide guitar, viola, double bass . Duration 5:00

Septimal Switchback (2012) 31-et Septimal Switchback

Microtonal digital piano (details). Duration 4:30

Martlesham Heath (2011) 31-et

Electro-acoustic (sine waves), for 12 speaker distribution. Duration 7:40

Tear Up My Fugue  (2011)

31-squared (details), piano, soprano saxophone, viola, cello. Duration 10:00

The Popera Star (2011)

Soparano, piano. Lyrics by S. Stevens & G. Soames. Commissioned by Phillippa Cairns. Duration 4:15

Genus 3: So I’ll Finish (2011) 31-et

Electronics and 31-squared (details) Duration 15:00

Genus 2: Specialist Subject (2011) 31-et

31-squared (details) and two sopranos. In association with BBC Mastermind, filmed for webcast. Duration 15:00

Genus 1 (2010) 31-et Genus 1

For the installation thirty-one (details). Commissioned by Aldeburgh Music, Snape Maltings Suffolk. Duration 15:00

The Greatest (2010) The Greatest

Soprano, piano, flute. Text: 1 Corinthians 13. Commissioned by Councillor Jane Chambers, Mayor of Ipswich, Suffolk, UK, for the Civic Service. Duration 6:00

Concerto for a Gamelan Trouvé (2010)

Waterfront Scrap Gamelan (details)   Duration 20:00

Piano Roll Score (2010) VIDEO

Waterfront Gamelan hand-held chimes (details), hand drum, percussion. For procession. Duration 30:00

Moments In A Purple Deckchair (2010)

Co-written by Chantelle Love. Flute, guitar. Score painted on a deckchair for Suffolk Coastal Deckchairs Project. Duration 2:00

Fragment of Eternity (2010)

3 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, electric cello, stylophone, percussion.
Text: Poem by Kathleen Garman (unpublished) discovered in New Art Gallery Walsall Jacob Epstein Archive
Duration 12:00

Variations on a Riff from Traffic Communist (2010)

Flute, SATB saxophones, 3 trumpet, horn, 3 trombone, piano. In memory of David Ian St John Ashmore. Duration 4:00

Elemental (2009) Elemental

Bass guitar, soprano saxophone, electric guitar, violin, cello, piano
Duration 4:00
Programme notes here

Sunburst Finish (2009) VIDEO

Elecroacoustic with animation. Duration 6:00

What Is Man? (2009) What Is Man

Soprano, cello. Text: Psalm 8   Duration 3:00

Joy In The Mind Of A Child (2009)

Waterfront Scrap Gamelan (details), electric cello. Duration 4:00

Requiem For New York  (2008) Requiem Mvmt 1

Orchestra, mixed chorus, rock band. Duration 40:00