Concert chimes


The Concert Chimes are a subset of a much larger installation instrument (thirty-one), originally commissioned by Aldeburgh Music in 2010. Much of the original installation was recycled into a playground instrument for Ormiston Children’s Centre in Ipswich: what remains is being used to further refine the chime design.

The various sets are a work in progress. Having discovered the peculiar, and somewhat wondrous, sustaining property of industrial aluminium tubes, we have been on a quest ever since to find the best way of engineering an instrument to create sympathetic resonance between them, and explore their “afterglow”.

Works featuring this instrument:

The Tempest (2012) 31-et Tempest Part 4 (excerpt)

Flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, Tempest Chimes (details), percussion, 31-et electric guitar (details), Microtonal digital piano (details), piano, soprano, violin, viola, double bass. Duration: 20:00
Full premiere performance here

Genus 4 (2012) 31-et

Tempest Chimes (details). Duration 7:00

Tear Up My Fugue  (2011)

31-squared (details), piano, soprano saxophone, viola, cello. Duration 10:00

Genus 3: So I’ll Finish (2011) 31-et

Electronics and 31-squared (details) Duration 15:00

Genus 2: Specialist Subject (2011) 31-et

31-squared (details) and two sopranos. In association with BBC Mastermind, filmed for webcast. Duration 15:00